Halitosis can really be embarrassing especially when conversing with other people in public places. There are actually lots of halitosis treatment methods however natural and alternative ways are preferred by many because they drive more positive and long lasting results to the victim. Also, homeopathic halitosis treatment methods are not as expensive as surgeries and commercial halitosis treatment strategies.

Halitosis is usually caused by the presence of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth that break down sugar and protein and release foul smelling odor as a byproduct. Natural halitosis treatment methods are usually designed to eliminate the presence of bacteria and debris that causes bad breath.

Keeping the mouth clean all the time is the initial step towards having a bad odor-free mouth. Brushing the teeth and tongue for several times a day, dental flossing and having dental check ups are one of the best halitosis treatment methods available today. The back of the tongue should always be cleaned because it serves as a favorable environment for debris and bacteria to thrive into.

Chewing the young and tender leaves of guava is also one of the most effective halitosis treatment strategies. Aside from treating halitosis, the juice of guava leaves can heal the gums, prevent its bleeding and strengthen the teeth. Even unripe guava fruit can also help in treating halitosis. It contains phosphoric acid, tannic, manganese, oxalate and calcium that promote healthy gums and teeth.

Parsley is also one of the most effective halitosis treatment methods available at home. It contains powerful components that fight against the symptoms of halitosis and improve the smell of breath. In fact, boiled parsley can serve as superior quality mouthwash which can wash away substantial amount of bacteria and debris from the mouth just like what commercial mouthwash products do. A tea made from the seeds of fenugreek also makes an excellent homeopathic halitosis treatment. Just like raw fruit juices, fenugreek tea can help fight against smelly breath. Green tea is also believed to be a successful halitosis treatment. Green tea contains polyphenols which are scientifically proven to be useful in eliminating microbes that cause bad breath.

In cases where halitosis is caused by unhealthy digestive system such as the intestine, eating avocado is one of the most effective halitosis treatment methods. Herbs such as trifala, rhubarb, senna leaves, aloe vera resin and cascara sagrada prove to be excellent halitosis treatment methods because they promote normal and healthier bowel movement by cleansing the colon. This results to reduced risk of suffering from bad breath. For bad breath that is triggered by a malfunction in the stomach, sweet fennel makes an excellent halitosis treatment. It is calming herb that addressees digestive problems such as constipation that triggers halitosis.

The presence of harmful toxins can also cause bad breath. Silica is one of the most powerful compounds which are proven to be an effective halitosis treatment because it eliminates harmful toxins from the body, especially from the mouth. Meanwhile, milk thistle is an effective halitosis treatment method because it promotes a healthier liver function thereby preventing the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body. This results to a reduced risk of suffering from bad breath.

Eating green coniferous vegetables and plants also proves to be a superior natural halitosis treatment. The green chlorophyll found in these types of foods serves as a natural breath freshener which makes them an efficient halitosis treatment. Regular intake of cilantro, parsley, barley grass, alfalfa and spinach are proven to be effective home halitosis treatment methods.

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