Whether you have suffered with chronic bad breath for a short while or long time, you may want to consider alternative halitosis treatment options.

Most people may have bad breath for a day or two because they forget to brush their teeth or maybe they ate something that gave them bad breath. However, there are others who are not so lucky. There are people out there who have halitosis, which causes a person to have bad breath. This can feel embarrassing for some people.

Everyone has saliva in their mouth. It is there for many reasons, but it is also serves as a mouthwash. There are antibiotics in saliva that helps get rid of harmful bacteria in the mouth. So, if people are able to increase the amount of saliva flowing in their mouth they will be able to use that saliva flow in order to get rid of their bad breath. This can be done through one halitosis treatment option, chewing gum or lozenges that contain no sugar. This will increase the amount of saliva flowing through the mouth, which will get rid of bacteria that causes bad breath.

Another halitosis treatment option is to take a Vitamin C supplement. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough Vitamin C in their diet seem to have worse breath than those who do. People who smoke should be more worried, because nicotine has shown to get rid of Vitamin C in the body. It would be a good idea for smokers to try looking at some options to quit smoking. It could really help with the bad breath since there won’t be any nicotine getting rid of the Vitamin C in the body.

The third halitosis treatment option involves regular mouthwashes that people can buy at a nearby store. These mouthwashes will rinse the mouth, get rid of harmful bacteria, and improve a person’s breath at the same time. Also, if the problem is really bad, a person can see his or her doctor and get a prescription mouthwash to take care of the problem. These are three great options to consider. They aren’t the only ones out there, but they can definitely help those with halitosis that want to have a better smelling breath.

The last natural halitosis treatment I found was a mix of common ingredients that you can find in the grocery store for about two bucks. It was discovered about 40 years ago and was published by a scientific journal. However, it somehow disappeared and is just recently being offered under the name “The Bad Breath Report”.

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