Halitosis is a chronic condition where someone has consistent bad breath that cannot be eliminated by normal dental hygiene methods. Many people notice that their mouth tastes gross when they first wake up in the morning. This is usually not a sign of this condition. If someone has a bad taste in their mouth all the time, even when they brush, floss, and use mouth wash regularly then they could have halitosis. This condition can affect anyone one of any age or race. If someone has good dental hygiene, but consistent mouth odor then, they might want to seek halitosis treatment.

Besides having a bad taste in the mouth there are some other signs that someone has halitosis. If someone constantly has a dry mouth then this may be a sign. Of course, if someone mentions to you that you always have stinky breath, then that is a sign that you might have halitosis. If someone has gingivitis or other gum problems, then chances are they might have it. Most dentists recommend regular brushing and flossing to help prevent the symptoms of halitosis. However, many times brushing and flossing just are not enough to get rid of this nasty problem. If someone brushes and flosses regularly, but cannot get rid of mouth odor, they should consider seeking a halitosis treatment.

There are many different things that can cause someone to have this condition. They include lung, kidney, and liver diseases. Menstruation and diabetes can also cause someone to have this condition. Certain foods also cause it. Many dental problems including tooth decay and gum disease can also cause halitosis. Nasal drips and sinus infections can also be a sign. If someone has one of these problems and thinks they have halitosis, they might want to seek a halitosis treatment.

It can be a very embarrassing problem and many people even put off pursuing personal relationships because of it.  It can also cause people to shy away from social situations. The fear of having horrible bad breath can be paralyzing in many work situations.  This chronic problem causes fear, because many people think it can’t be fixed. However, halitosis treatment options are available, so there is no need for anyone to let this interfere with their lives.

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